Greetings, my Friends of the Light,

You have wondered ‘What exactly is this Light?’

 I will define this Light for you just as it was given to me.

.’ ‘This is the Light, the Original Light, finally available to Earth and to Humanity. 

This is the First Light, perfect and undivided. 

 It is the Light used by Jeshua (Jesus) and all the Masters of all cultures and religions. 

It is now available to every Being of Light on earth as it was once available, that is, before the Fall in consciousness. 

The Power of this Light was and is unbelievable when fully understood. But the ‘heart of love’ must be activated before it will be available in its full power to ‘headstrong’ humanity

This was given to me to ponder. I thought about it often. Finally it presented to me as ‘The Golden-white, the living Light’ and I saw it in everything that is – and in every degree of sentience in manifestation.

Now It is given to you to ponder. And It will present to you in your own understanding, maybe similar to my understanding and maybe quite differently. But you will recognise It in whatever guise It presents to you and you will know it to be the Origin of all Creation - including you in the fullness of your being.

Robert Browning knew it as ‘The Imprisoned Splendour’

We are Who we Are, according to our use, or abuse, of this Light.

To understand the ‘heart of love’ you could read my intuit on Part 5. The Gentle Heart – up next.

Much love to each of you……………….. Cathleen from Beyond.

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