8th September 1996 My first attempt to question sorrow and pain. (Italics mine)

Cathleen. Why do I feel so painfully sad at times?

Ans. You are feeling the pain of the Earth and her evolutions.

Acceptance raises the pain; lets Light flow. Every tear, is darkness transmuted.

Every tear of every being, accepted without grudging, is transmutation of grief – of darkness.

C. How close are the “-------” communications to the truth?

Ans. At that level and dimension – very close. Somewhat coloured. But much love is there – and remorse.

C. Is remorse of any use to Life?

Ans. Most certainly. Part of the expansion – so long as it leads to self-understanding and not to endless guilt.

C. Love. Is it right or wrong for the spiritual development of a human, to feel compassion for those – whether human or angelic – who have caused great pain to others, or have deliberately led them astray for selfish purposes – or have oppressed or used them for their own selfish ends?

Ans. Love all life free. Have compassion. Have patience.

C. What about Judgement Calls?

Ans. Those who must – will. Those who can’t – mustn’t. (make Judgement Calls)

C. I don’t feel comfortable with them. Am I missing an opportunity to replace darkness with Light?

Ans. The Light of Christ shining through your Being dispels more darkness than a million Judgement Calls.

C. Who speaks to me? In the name I AM THAT I AM. Who is speaking?

Ans. The Light of God is speaking. Have no fear. You are not making excuses to yourself Cathleen.

C. Could you give me a sign on the above question of Judgement Calls?

Ans. Look for it, my dear.


13th September 1996 First mention of the value of Grief and Sorrow.

(part of a private conversation) 

E. Much of what you think of as your past, is mine also.

C. Are we together in the future?

E. Always. And we have come from our perfect future to help here. We chose this way. (On re-reading, I thought this was an amazing statement with extraordinary implications)

C. Is the grief then, of some significance?

E. Our contribution. The grief is needed to change the past – your present. You would call it a sacrifice – an offering. Humanity will understand the enormous sacrifice one day, and will realise the contribution humanity has made to the expansion into a whole new area of the Void – the huge creativity and joy for the whole of a Creation which had missed the way to the fulfilment of its perfect Plan in Creation. (Wow!)

C. And we are part of that contribution?

E. A large part. Not one tear of humanity is shed in vain. Each is priceless. Every tear, every pain is an enormous ‘nudge’, setting Creation on the wondrous path of expanding consciousness. This is what the Plaeidians are talking about. This Universe had, to a great extent, lost the way – the Divine thread – the perfect blueprint. We all came from the perfection of full consciousness in what you think of as the future, to make the sacrifice – the offering, for this Universe. He showed the way (I understood that he was talking about Jesus).  He had the choice to come – or not to come – but His Radiance is unbelievable almost – even to us –because He chose to come. He has said ‘These things you shall do – and greater things ye shall do’. This is the literal Truth. Humanity has amazing courage. Yes, you are feeling it; the loneliness, the separation. But at other levels you are well aware of our unending Oneness. We are always together and this is why your heart sings at all times – no matter what. You are fast coming into the consciousness of that One-ness with all life. You know how you feel about your lovely dolphins – your whales? This is the Love – the oneness returning to full consciousness. Bathe in its brilliance at all times and be happy my Cathleen.

C. How much of this is me and how much of it is you?

E. Does it matter when we are One? This is our reality. (End of dialogue)

14th September 2009  13 years later. The value of tears and pain.

(Cathleen) ‘Beloved friends of other dimensions, all Beings of Light, teachers and guides of Light, if there is anything I should be thinking, doing or saying please bring it to my memory clearly now. Thank you.’

A. ‘Tears are not wasted’

Nobody has ever mentioned the value of tears, grief or pain, before now.(I had completely forgotten the 1996 session)

‘We will give you information on this, which will go forth – we will open out the way.’

  1. I am willing to write this even if it doesn’t go forth. Presumably, at some point, its time will come. Am I to know the source of this information?

A. A Higher aspect of yourself – the Oversoul of you and Eoin and Stephen and various others whom you know on other levels of ‘being’

C. Is this Augustine?

A. ‘This is indeed your ancient self – Augustine.’ (pronounced Augusteen)

C. Greetings, beloved Augustine. I’m so glad to be with you again. Do you wish to start today?

A. ‘This is a ‘contact’ moment. Perhaps you will return later today. There will be no time-lag for me, as you well know!

C. Yes, I understand, dear Augustine. In my time frame – see you later.

A. And so it is – will be – Cathleen.

(As it happened, I did not return until the following day – 15th Sept. 2009)

15th September 2009.

C. And so, dear Augustine. Here I AM.

  1. ‘Indeed. We will begin, my Cathleen.

Stories of Life.

The Value of Pain, Grief, Loss, to God who is All-that-Is.

The Value to You.

‘You have asked the question ‘Why do I cry so much? What good does it do me? – or anybody?’ You say ‘Look at the world – a world in pain. There is anguish unbearable driving humans to suicide. There is grief for lost loved ones, which takes all the colour from Life, leaving the stricken one in a sepia world, barely able to function from day to day; sometimes giving up entirely, seeming to be spiritually dead or at least comatose and sometimes depending on other life-streams for a continued existence in the physical – longing to leave Life – but afraid.’

And you ask ‘Why must they go on suffering? Why cannot they be allowed to die – to leave a life that has become unbearable and without any significance?’

Ah Cathleen, believe me, this is the very point where that life-stream finds itself at the moment of its greatest significance in this dimension you call ‘Time’.

These are pivotal moments in the eternal life of that being, and in the life of God. 

These are the moments for which these beings incarnated – drew a great Spiritual Breath of strength and power from the Eternal Source, and plunged down into forgetfulness and limitation on Earth, in order to experience – TO EXPERIENCE for God, for self, for all sentient life in the Universe and especially for Earth and all her life-streams.

These are the moments of sacrifice – in the truest meaning of that word; the sacrifice of ‘self’ in total love - for the expansion of God consciousness, expansion of the memory of God Itself, and therefore the expansion of the memory of ALL CREATION throughout the Omniverse.

Think of the gift this sacrifice gives, to expand all life – a new memory in the mind of God and therefore a new memory in the mind of all creation –ALL creation.

Nothing in this world could equal the value of this gift of love, which one human being can give to life. And only human beings of earth, with their range of emotions can give this gift, because only earth human beings have this gift of love to give – not Angels nor any of the multiplicity of Beings in the infinite realms of Father/Mother God can give it as Earth beings living in duality, can give it.

But the gift is incomplete if it is resented – begrudged or held back, through anger or lack of understanding.

This is why mankind must learn the true value of these gifts of the Spirit and realise the enormous opportunities for evolution which they hold, not only for themselves but for the raising of the whole planetary consciousness every time these experiences are accepted, understood and then ‘let go’.

Love is much more than ‘an emotion’. Love is the essence of the God-self. ALL is created from and with Love, and the beings of Earth have a unique expression of this Attribute of God – they have been given the power to love and the free will to use it. They can send it forth or they can withhold it, as they wish.

Therein lies the power of the human, for good or ill. Earth is the only planet in this Universe which offers the full consciousness for this experience.

That Love which is sent forth fully – not stinted – not withheld for any reason – that Love which is unconditional, is the power which returns to God, for the expansion of His/Her Creation.

In a way which will be seen and understood by humanity in the very near future – this grief – this pain – this aching ‘wasted’ love, will burst forth into a brilliant and totally new creation – a creation never seen or known before in the vast reaches of the Mind of God.

And so it is, my Cathleen.

16 September 2009(Augusteen continued) 

Augusteen. ‘Tears are not wasted.’

They call forth a special energy from the hearts of humanity – an elixir of feeling that is exquisite to God. Whether they be tears that express the loneliness of abandonment, or tears of hopeless frustration at the non-manifestation of your dreams, they are exquisite to God because every single one deposits a unique strand of special feeling into Eternal dimensions.

These feelings and the ambience they create, are each new creations of God – because you create them and you are a part of God and therefore you are co-creating with God.

The total reality which these feelings and tears express, enters the streams of eternal Being to be used and expanded in what humanity would regard as new creations of new universes. But in fact, outside your little ‘time-frame’ they become part of the Eternal Now of God – become endless worlds of compassion, understanding, empathy, expansion of consciousness for new creations – all part of the great Love which is the expanding Kingdom of Father/Mother God -- worlds, dimensions and realities without end.

All of these Attributes exist in God as potential and He creates in order to understand Him/Herself in the actualisation of these potentials. These Infinite strands of Being manifest in the ever-new dimensions of His creative energies.

Once manifested and brought into reality by His (in this case) human creations, these feeling/energies never die. They may change form, cycling through transitional forms – or meld with other feeling/energies in ever-new expressions of God, but they will never die – never be lost once they manifest in the stream of God-consciousness which is Creation – continuous and never-ending.

And because the nature of God is Forever, these experiences of humanity actually ignite the potential of God so that He/She knows Himself as the Source and fullness of these exquisite emotions.

Humanity has mourned for its past with endless tears, and thus endless compassion has ignited in the heart of God. The grief and pain of every lost and brutalized child, every abused and denigrated woman, every tortured man, lives forever – remembered in the Mind of God.

And for it, humanity is honoured by every Being of Light, in all the universes. Humanity has found a new way of creating for God, and All of Creation rejoices in the Victory!

And their reward shall be great indeed.

And so it is.

My emotions were so overwhelmed by this transmission that I could not even think ‘good-bye’ to Augustine.


You ask: Why cannot we remember? With the frustrations of our limitations why could you not tell us?

We answer: Only those who have forgotten the truth of their Origins – totally forgotten beyond any possibility of recall – could experience these emotions fully. Every individual human emotional experience creates a totally different attribute in the Mind of God, for the New Creation.

And you agreed to forget, when you were given the absolute assurance, that in the Day of Completion you would be reminded of the Truth.

And this is that Day.

Now, so totally have you forgotten, that many of you will not believe the Truth when it is given for your remembrance.

But eventually, ALL will know the Truth. And ALL will be well.

And so it is.

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