Cathleen Roche Meggitt grew up in Dublin, Ireland, where music, singing and storytelling are an integral part of life. On coming to Australia over 50 years ago, she fell in love with the Australian people and their beautiful country. These have been the inspiration for all of her creative works, which include musicals, lyrics, songs, books and plays for both adults and children.

She adopted the name ‘Granny Blackberries’ from the plentiful wild blackberries growing around Canberra. These she picked and made into delicious pies and jams for her family year after year.

Her musicals have been performed in Canberra and on the Sunshine Coast.  She has written over 100 songs, including musicals and performance songs for school occasions.

Her novel for teenagers, ‘Ben’s Magic Boomerang,’ and her story for younger children, ‘The Dancing Black Kitten,’ are available on Amazon.

Several of her plays have been performed on the Sunshine Coast and in Victoria.


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