PACKETS OF LIGHT (16.12.2015)


Whence comes Inspiration? How is it delivered?

It seems to be a thought which comes from somewhere Beyond; not a thought that has been ‘worked through’ by you. You may have been trying to understand something, but it is not the fruit of your musings.

It is new thought. It arrives when you are not looking. Someone called it ‘a knowing’. It is a knowing which didn’t exist yesterday but is a full-blown understanding today.

It can also be a blaze of sudden information; a ‘Eureka!’ moment. Watch this moment carefully should you be lucky enough to experience it. It always seems to arrive in a blaze of bright light. I call it ‘a packet or a flash of light’.

I remember getting the full contents of a one-act play – scenes in technicolour – significant snatches of dialogue – plot outline – all in one glorious moment of brilliant light. It took me twenty minutes to write down (furiously in case I lost it) the mere ‘headings’ of this extraordinary packet of light. It was a theme and plot with dialogue out of the Blue. The whole thing was encapsulated in one fraction-of-a-second burst of light.

I had never contemplated anything even vaguely resembling the subject of this packet previously. Had I been mulling over themes for a one-act play I might have asked the usual questions; did it come from my subconscious? Did I put it together in a dream?

The truth is, it was none of these cerebral things. I actually saw/felt it arrive from Outside (read Beyond) like a glorious present in a wrapping of Light from either endless distances or another dimension.

Make what you will of that.

These packets of illumination don’t always come with such clarity and force. Often they are given in increments – with enough time between each to give us a chance to ‘mull over’ or meditate upon them, and perhaps find the perfect place for them.

Then the next bit arrives. It may be a sentence you are muttering as you awaken in the night or the early hours, as was usually my experience.

You will have the urge to capture it – to write it down. Do not let it slip away.

Always write it down immediately – you will not remember it in the morning! You may remember something similar to it, but it is never as good as the original inspiration.

The next bit could be something you read in a book which throws more light on your musings – or something someone says to you, or again something which you may inadvertently overhear. The ways in which the Universe talks to you are truly amazing.

The huge ‘Eureka!’ moments speak for themselves and are never forgotten, but people should not shrug off these smaller moments of enlightenment as mere coincidence.

Where we live, in this world of few dimensions, ‘coincidence’ suggests that the moment has little or no meaning, but believe me, it does have – all the meaning it needs.

There are no coincidences.

ILLUMINATIONS is the play which came to me in that glorious ‘packet of Light’ mentioned above. If you are into one act plays you will find a free sample of the script at If you read it you will readily understand that I was not conversant with a pseudo Anglish vocabulary, so it really was ‘out of this world!’

All my love………..Cathleen from Beyond.

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