When you understand what really happens when you cut one of the cords which bind you to others in the endless cycles of retribution, you will understand that you were always free to make the choice to ‘let go’ of that repeating energy, or for a short-lived period of satisfaction to remain tied to the wheel of endless repetition. 

 You were taught to believe that you had to demand retribution or you would be a worthless lump of humanity undeserving of respect or dignity. This fitted your own feelings of outrage and therefore had to be ‘right’, so unwittingly you constantly sacrificed your Freedom for a temporary satisfaction. 

 You were told you were sacrificing your ‘principles’ if you didn’t demand revenge; that the   failure to act diminished you in the eyes of the world.
 In fact the direct opposite is the truth and this understanding was carefully hidden from you for aeons.  We can discuss the truth of this statement somewhere else – but not here.
 It is now the time for humanity to know the Truth and to set themselves free.   But you have to ‘try it’ for yourself – others can advise you but they cannot do it for you.

 What exactly do you get when you ‘even the score’ or get revenge?’
 Think about this carefully. You accepted the idea of payback. But has it really evened the score?
 Has the whole affair really vacated your consciousness? Or do you still hold a grudge in your mind when you think of it? In other words have you really forgiven that person?  or is your finger still on the scales, holding it down in your favour?

 Make a list of all the benefits to you when you get revenge.   Now make a list of the ‘downside’ and what you are stuck with?
 But what if you deliberately ‘failed’ to get even. ?
 Imagine it!  A taste of Freedom!  
 As we progress, we learn to exercise our divine ability to uncreate flawed creations.
 When you let it go, there is a space for so much more in your life!  So you may find yourself capable of un creating much more of humanity’s unwanted failures.
 And it just gets better and easier as you progress, until it becomes ‘second nature’ – and that is because it is actually your true nature! And so it is.

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