The Gentle Heart.

The only requirement is to develop the gentle heart, ‘The Loving Heart.’ This is a total reversal of the world consciousness. This is being willing to replace Blame; Judgment; Punishment; Vengeance; Retribution and the ‘Eye for an Eye’ consciousness, with a willingness to realise that every human action is the final manifestation of an (often) bewildered spirit who is doing the best he/she can, at the level of their best understanding, no matter how grievous their behaviour. 

Their best understanding is the consciousness which has developed in them through immersion in the following streams;-

Their genetic inheritance

Their religious training in this lifetime, thus their firmly held beliefs

Their social programming

Their education

The world consciousness around them

Their own personal experiences – good and bad.

If you think about it seriously you will realise, that the world consciousness operates on Blame, Judgment, Vengeance etc. which, when acted upon, will always, in one way or another cause every single grief, pain, anguish, sorrow, conflict and war upon this beautiful planet, and hold all of humanity in thrall until human consciousness changes.

But until these present days, no-one knew how to change the world consciousness.

The only requirement to changing the world consciousness, is to develop The Loving Heart.

This willingness to realise the Truth about our present level of consciousness will make it easy for The Loving Heart to forgive. Your Loving Heart develops forgiveness for all who have hurt you and forgiveness for yourself, for any hurts you have inflicted – consciously or unconsciously on all forms of life: and it leaves this consciousness of ‘the world’ behind. It is ‘in’ the world – but not ‘of’ the world.

This understanding develops in the Loving Heart, by constant Acts of Forgiveness – the unrelenting determination to forgive all life for every hurt whether or not it is understood. (It will be fully understood eventually).

For Christians, the Loving Heart is the birth of the Christ Consciousness. Other Paths know this Consciousness by other names.

Make the decision today to begin to develop the Loving Heart Consciousness, cancelling all Blame, Judgment, Vengeance, Unforgiveness etc. and replacing them with the conscious decision to forgive.

Very soon it will become your natural understanding, simply because it was your original understanding.

This loving perfection of your true self existed, long before the misinterpretation of ‘original sin’ was lied to you. Yet realise that those who first ‘explained’ original sin, perhaps did so from their best understanding as it was in that time. So one must forgive as one hopes to be forgiven, for it is the reality of the Fallen consciousness that we all make rash (false) judgements occasionally.

This is a huge subject and maybe we will come back to it later.

You are all greatly loved…………….by Cathleen (from Beyond)

THIS IS THE FINAL POST FOR Releasing the Imprisoned Splendour.

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